Season 1


of $WOOL

In which players compete for a huge $WOOL Jackpot and a headstart in Season 2.


Sparkle Game

Founder's Pass

* Sparkle Game Genesis NFT

* Lifetime Pass for All Games

* Limited Supply → 1000

* Maximum Utility and Value

* 5 Properties / 1203 Traits

* Affinity with millions of NFTs

The Game ✨

Sparkle Game is a series of innovative Web3 mini-games taking place over 5 Seasons.

Each Season grows in complexity and is built upon the one before.

Players compete for advantage in each Season, while winning ETH, $WOOL and other prizes along the way.

How to Play

Playing = 5 minutes a day
Mint a Sparkle Game Founder's Pass
Join the Discord
Gain a competitive advantage
Win $WOOL!
Get ready to play Season 2!

The Founder's Pass is the Key to each Season and all Games.

Season 1Now Playing

The Hunt for $WOOL October

* 70% of Mint Given Back to Players
* Daily Prizes of $WOOL and NFTs
* Over 200K $WOOL Won
* Up to 28 ETH of $WOOL Prize Remains

Game 1: RevelationCompleted

→ 94,780 Sparkles Earned
→ Reveal Activated in Game
→ Daily Prizes

Game 2: Guild BattleCompleted

→ Guilds and Alliances Form
→ Keymasters are Elected
→ Players Accumulate Lux
→ Guilds Compete for Position in Tournament of $WOOL
→ Daily Prizes
→ 250K $WOOL Won

Game 3: Tournament of $WOOLNow Playing

→ Guilds Compete for a Giant $WOOL Prize
→ Guilds Compete for Head Start in Season 2
→ Players Unlock Advantages for Season 2

Season 2Spring 2022

"__ __ __ __    __ __

  __ __ __ __

  __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __"

→ Players Compete to Capture a Woolish Bounty
→ Advantages Unlocked in Season 1 Pay Dividends
→ Players Proceed From Their Dashboards.
Season 3Summer 2023
Season 4Autumn 2023
Season 5Winter 2023

About ✨

Sparkles are about Potential, Challenge and Mystery. Sparkle Game provides all of these elements and more.

Sparkle Game is inspired by Wolf Game and other popular NFT projects. 💠

Join us in the Discord .

Gentleman Farmer

Brought to you by Gentleman Farmer - Wolf Game OG, moon watcher, time traveler, and the creator and developer of Wolf Game Time Machine .

With over 20 years of Web2 Product experience, Gentleman Farmer is passionate about the potential for Web3 to empower people at the intersection of technology, art, story-telling and culture.